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Able Asphalt is a family owned and operated for over 40 years, always doing business with the customer in mind to please. We are a locally owned and maintained family business that specializes in providing a broad range of asphalt and concrete services. 

All of northern California is serviced by Able Asphalt, which specializes in asphalt and concrete paving as well as fine grading, seal coating, and striping. We serve a wide spectrum of clients, including commercial properties, government organizations, property management firms, and well-known studios.

We learned paving from scratch after becoming certified and seasoned asphalt professionals, and then we opened our company. We didn’t just create another paving firm; we started a company run so effectively and passionately that consumers have learned to demand more—and they get it.

Every project is envisioned from the client’s perspective in the beginning, and we carry this empathy and a strong drive for perfection to the job site. Every project manager, crew member, and member of the Able Asphalt team who interacts with your project has one common objective: to deliver the finest customer experience from beginning to end.

We promise to always offer you a practical solution for your concrete or asphalt needs. Satisfaction is guaranteed our job is not complete until every customer is happy with their investment in the home or business. Because we are able we can get the job done.


We offer all types of asphalt services from:

  • New Construction
  • Overlays
  • Grading
  • Seal Coating
  • ADA
  • Chip Seal Rock
  • Base Rock
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Discounts
  • Senior
  • Military


  1. ADA – Knowing our audience is crucial for those in the asphalt industry. Not just the board members and property managers, but also the people who use those paved surfaces daily bring their own set of requirements and considerations to a property. We develop a strategy for surfaces that are not only attractive to look at but are also simple to use and ADA-compliant, depending on the demands of the client, whether they are residential or commercial.

Able Asphalt is knowledgeable about ADA Compliance. We frequently collaborate closely with experts and consultants in the field of ADA Compliance and have years of expertise negotiating the complexities of the always-evolving ADA laws and regulations. We assist in bringing your property up to date with ADA regulations, which can wind up saving you a ton of money over time.

  1. Seal Coating – A pound of treatment is worth an ounce of prevention.

When it comes to maintaining asphalt, a gallon of preventative (seal coat) is worth a ton of repair (asphalt). Sealcoating is one of the most crucial measures in maintaining the condition of your parking lot. An asphalt emulsion (liquid asphalt emulsified in water) is applied during the seal coating process in thin coatings, protecting the surface from various outside factors such as water, gasoline, lubricants, and UV damage. Our meticulous attention to detail in the seal coat preparation process increases the lifespan of the asphalt and aids in avoiding future expensive procedures.

As Seal coating keeps their pavement appearing like new, many of our customers adopt a proactive approach to maintenance by seal coating more frequently than is necessary for surface preservation. Recently sealed asphalt’s deep, rich black color dramatically boosts curb appeal! Based on what’s most important to you, we may build a plan and proposal that meets your needs and objectives.

  1. Chip Seal Rock – Chip Seal Rock is a high-quality, reasonably priced alternative to asphalt that creates a surface with a natural, rustic appearance.

As a less expensive alternative to asphalt, Able Asphalt offers the application of chip seal rock. Chip seal is a surface made up of a protective layer of asphalt and a thin coating of ornamental gravel on top. Several colors are available for chip seal. Landscape architects and designers like the completed surface because it has a rustic yet exquisite appearance. Although it can be used to resurface parking lots and private roadways, chip seal is most frequently utilized for residential driveways and walks.

Chip seal is less expensive, the lighter-colored surface of the tar and chip surface keeps it cooler than asphalt and increases grip, particularly in rainy weather.

The charming rural appearance of chip seal can continue for many years with little upkeep. Hot asphalt is used to prepare the driveway and pave it before the chosen gravel material is installed. The asphalt offers a stable foundation for the gravel aggregate. Moreover, it offers a solid base for appropriate water drainage.

  1. New Construction – With skill and efficiency, we supply residential and commercial areas with construction services.

All concrete surface applications are expertly designed and installed by Able Asphalt. On the same commercial or residential site, the construction of concrete structures like driveways, gutters, curbs, sidewalks, and patios is frequently combined with asphalt projects. The main ingredients in concrete are cement, aggregate, water, and various additives. After being laid, concrete hardens and solidifies, resulting in a completed surface that resembles natural stone.

The consumer has a wide range of finished surface options available in concrete, including various colors, textures, and stamped patterns. It is employed in the building of sidewalks, pool decks, patios, pathways, driveways, parking lots, and drainage swales. Polished concrete or decorative concrete can be used to make a stunning impression in your community while being reasonably priced and incredibly attractive.

Each project is tackled to achieve your unique objectives. Whatever the task’s size, it will be completed efficiently thanks to our combined knowledge and resources.

Our offerings include everything from small commercial repairs to major commercial lot replacements, as well as home driveway upkeep. For any project, our team has the necessary tools, resources, and expertise. If you need a new overlay or some overdue repairs, Able Asphalt will come up with the best solution for you.

  1. Grading – The quality of the final product depends on the surface it is applied. For this reason, it’s crucial that each project’s grading be done appropriately. The right grade and the strength of the grade are crucial for the effective completion of the product, whether it be concrete or paving.

The incorrect slope of your surface could result in future costly damage. Uneven surfaces put excessive strain on some components while letting others alone. As a result, cracks and breaks manifest significantly more frequently, necessitating continuous repairs. Choose our Able asphalt grading firm to completely avoid the hassle. To disperse the typical wear and tear more equally, we modify the slope of your surface. By doing this, future expensive harm is reduced. Our experts have the know-how necessary to plan and carry out efficient asphalt grading. To keep your surface safe for traffic and pedestrians, we move water away from it and toward drainage regions. After employing our asphalt grading business, you won’t again have to struggle with a flooded sidewalk or driveway again.

  1. Overlays – Are you trying to find the best, most affordable method to fix your asphalt? Do you want to maintain the majority of the current asphalt surface while making your asphalt look as beautiful as new? Then an asphalt overlay might be your best option. It might be better to start by describing what an overlay is replacing. Back in the day, removing and replacing the asphalt was the best repair for an asphalt parking lot that had seen better days. As you may imagine, that was costly and time-consuming. Undoubtedly, there are situations when surgery is still the best course of action, but more often than not, a repair or another less involved technique is available. The rise of the asphalt overlay is the result.

Consider it as laying new asphalt on top of your existing asphalt to create better asphalt than before. In essence, we lay a brand-new layer of asphalt on top of your old, worn-out surface. Nevertheless, it might be the ideal option for your needs in terms of price, timing, and more. To help you choose the best solution, our staff is always happy to talk to you about your alternatives.

  1. Base Rock – Base rock is an essential component of asphalt pavement construction. It is the foundation layer of asphalt pavement and provides support, stability, and durability to the surface. Base rock is typically made up of crushed stone, gravel, or recycled concrete.

Base rock installation involves preparing and grading the subgrade layer, and then installing the base rock layer. The thickness of the base rock layer will depend on the specific project requirements. Over time, the base rock layer may become damaged due to factors such as heavy traffic, weather conditions, or improper installation. In such cases, the damaged sections will need to be repaired or replaced to ensure the integrity of the pavement. Proper maintenance of the base rock layer will help extend the life of the asphalt pavement. This may include regular cleaning, filling in any voids, and applying sealants or coatings to protect from water and other contaminants.

Overall, base rock is critical to the performance and longevity of asphalt pavement. Working with professional asphalt contractors who have experience with base rock installation and maintenance can help ensure a high-quality and long-lasting result.

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